Resin Construction
Weatherproof resin construction is frost resistant and can be left outdoors year-round without cracking or chipping

The planters are incredibly easy to handle, ranging from 3 lbs for a 16” to 33 lbs for a 40”.

Premium Finishes
The premium finishes are applied by hand to give a unique artisan look to each of the planters, and are intended to recreate the look of clay, wood, stones, and metals.

Weather + UV Resistant
Formulated with multiple UV stabilizers, the finish provides long lasting protection from color fading

100% Recyclable
Only prime, BPA-free resin is used to provide a safe container for herbs, vegetables and edible plants.

We currently feature 13 models and plan to bring in even more styles and finishes in the future. Our current selection ranges from 16” to 40” in diameter.

Indoor + Outdoor use
The planters are as great a compliment to an indoor living space as they are to an outdoor landscape. Remember to always use a saucer indoors.

Better Insulation for roots
Our unique full depth inner wall provides optimal root insulation in more extreme climates without sacrificing soil capacity