Does the planter already have a drainage hole?
No, the planters do not have pre-made drainage holes.

How do I make a drainage hole?
We recommend using an electric drill and a 1⁄4 drill bit to create a drainage hole. Place the planter upside down so that its rim is on completely flat ground. Locate the circle on the bottom of the planter denoted with a “1/4” mark inside it. Not all planters may have this marking—in this case, simply choose a smooth flat section of the planter bottom as your drilling site. With a firm grip, drill through the circle or the smooth flat section until you’ve drilled completely through BOTH the outer and inner wall of the planter.

Visit our drainage hole instruction page for detailed instructions.

What is the plastic plug on the bottom of the planter?
This plug covers a hole that is necessary for the manufacturing process, and should not be confused with the drainage hole.



What are the indentations on the bottom of larger planters?
These indentations, found on larger planters, are supports for the double wall construction of the planter. Avoid drilling a hole on or near these indentations.

Make a drainage hole
Drilling a hole, even when planters are used indoors, eliminates any chance of rotting roots so plants can thrive.

We recommend filling the bottom of your planters with 1-4 inches of gravel, depending on the size of the planter, to allow excess water to settle below the soil and away from roots.

Unlike terracotta, which is absorbent and therefore requires more water in a single watering session, plants in resin flowerpots require less water in a single watering session, but on a more frequent basis.

Indoor Use
Always use a saucer to prevent water from leaking onto your floor, even if a hole hasn’t been drilled. Planters Online is not responsible for any damage to flooring.

How to Increase a Planter’s Weight
For those living in windy environments, we recommend filling the space between the inner and outer wall with gravel or sand to increase the planters’ weight. To do this, remove the plastic plug on the bottom of the planter and fill with either material, and then simply put the plug back in place and turn the planter right side up.

Use as a Stylish Cooler
Having a party? Step up your cooler game by filling one of our stylish planters with ice to chill your drinks!